Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I was at a wedding recently and trust your ‘career amebo’ whose nose is always tuned and ready to sniff out anything out of the ordinary; I was curious about the communication between the couple, don’t get me wrong the couple were obviously in love but there was something missing. The groom was so macho and seemed so emotionally detached that I started reminiscing on my previously attended weddings (by the way, the groom was YORUBA). I am no tribalist but it appears that our Ibo-brothers are packing on the romantic accolades and awards. They seem to be more sympathetic and understanding of their new-wives whereas our wonderful Yoruba brothers (I am Yoruba by the way) seem to be all macho and manly about the whole thing. I remember reading a story of one fine Ibo brother who proposed to his wife by taking her to dinner on a boat. He had arranged with the Boat Company to have their song playing when they arrived and proposed to her there and then. Whereas on the flip side I remember how my friend told me how crappy her proposal was and that if marrying her husband depended on his proposal, he would most definitely not be her husband today.
So people what’s your take on this? Who is more romantic? Our Yoruba brothers or Ibo brothers? I would love to hear from you.


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  2. The Oaken Directory Blog has been generating some heat on facebook, below are some of the responses;

    Response 1: its not a tribal thing you are either romantic or you are not end of story

    Response 2: nu mi well according to hhmm hhmmm clearing my throat you either born to be one like some people or you’re not so it isnt a tribal thing it is an innate thing. so it is neither here nor there if you talking in terms of tribe. ko si nkan to nje be, you have it or you don’t .
    Response 3: Yoruba are more romantic and less giving. Ibo are more giving and less romantic. What do you want?

    Response 4:-Am really not a fan of the 'igbo' guys, but I guess the Igbo guys are more romantic, cos really, wat do we mean by being romantic, a guy who will pet, love adore and spoil you. The truth is that most yoruba guys are stingy and they prefer the ladies to spend for them. Looking for real romantic men, travel to France for a week, you won’t return to Naija.

    Response 5: its a personalty trait, its not a tribal thing.....

    Response 6: it is not a tribal/race thing its just a personalty trait and what works for you... cuz the Yoruba Guys i´ve been with do spend and treat me right

    Response 7: Someone told me something ages ago.. If you want a boyfriend, date a yoruba man but if you want a husband, date an Ibo man.

    Many thanks to those who responded, to everyone please COMMENT!!!