Friday, May 7, 2010


A gift is so much more than a present. It is
literally an expression of who you are, like your
very own special signature; allowing you to
leave a lasting impression.
Conventionally, there are various occasions
where gifts are given but you really don’’t have
to wait for an occasion. Some of the best gifts
are the ones that simply say, ““There’’s no
particular reason for this other than that I was
thinking about you and that I care…….”” Gifts
provide you with a means of expressing
thoughts and feelings that are sometimes
difficult to capture with words alone. Since
occasions are diverse, it is important to ensure
that your gift is tailor made to reflect who you
are and say what you want to say.
An appropriate gift will often times create a
scenario for an immediate expression from the
recipient. A new pair of elegant shoes on her
birthday for instance, makes Naomi say, ““I
can’’t wait to wear you to work tomorrow”” or
Emeka’’s new pen from his wife on his promotion
to Chief Editor of The Morning Times
elicited this response, ““I feel inspired to write!””
Isn’’t that what we want; for our gifts to invoke
such excitement?
Most of us are either too busy or dare I say lazy
and don’’t know what is considered appropriate,
so end up giving money as a gift. While
there’’s nothing wrong with this gesture, it tends
to rob us off the true intent of what we wish to
“I’m truly sorry……”
“I thought you would really like this……””
“This is only the beginning……”
“You deserve much more……”
These are just some of the powerful catch
phrases that are uttered when we give gifts. It
is an expression of how we truly feel or what we
think of the recipient. Never underestimate the
positive effect it has on a person, just to know
that someone was thinking about them and
cared enough to pay a little attention to detail.
The right gift doesn’’t have to cost you an eye,
tooth and a leg. In fact, never be overly
concerned about the monetary value of any gift
beacuseit is the thoughts and feelings behind
the gift that count, and they are……priceless.
A gift does not necessarily have to be wrapped
but when it is, it can be a wonder to behold.
Today, our options for gift-wrapping accessories
like gift wrap paper, gift bags, gift boxes,
bows and ribbons are limitless. They come in
various shapes, sizes, patterns and colors and
give your gift character and class. I like to think
that a well-wrapped gift transforms your
present into a presentation!
So, the next time you want to give a gift, pause,
think about the person and creating a pleasant
lasting impression……one that is sure make a
beautiful memory.


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